Bitcoin Handbook

Key Concepts in Economics, Technology & Psychology

Anil Patel

A collection of the most helpful frameworks, mental models, and heuristics for making sense of money in the Digital Age. Written for a non-technical audience and packed with thought-provoking illustrations. Let it be your handy companion as you journey down the rabbit hole.

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Bitcoin Handbook

Key Concepts in Economics, Technology & Psychology

Anil patel

“An incredible job illustrating some of the most important concepts in bitcoin in an intuitive, appealing, and popular way.”

—Saifedean Ammous

“An absolute must-read. I envy Anil’s capacity to convey in a few pages what would take me hours of speech to transmit.”

—Giacomo Zucco

“I love this! It lays out such focused and clean first-principles thinking on really complicated ideas and makes them all accessible.”

—Preston Pysh

“Anil has an impressive ability to condense 100's of hours of reading, listening and learning into simple graphics.”

—Stephan Livera

”Anil has a great way of condensing complex ideas into visual form that makes absorbing them much easier for the layperson.”

—Vijay Boyapati

“Stunningly beautiful and a testament to Anil’s deep understanding. It’s a joy to see his work compiled in a book.”


Anil Patel

Anil Patel is an independent author, educator, and angel investor based in Canada. He is known for creating highly effective teaching resources for visual learners. Anil holds an M.B.A and has worked with several bitcoin companies including Swan, Unchained and Bitcoin Magazine.


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